Matt Bio


Matt McFarlandMatt McFarland founded McFarland Woods, Inc., in 2003.  With his toolbelt and a lot of determination, Matt built a successful company from the ground up. Matt’s unwavering positive attitude coupled with his creativity and technical knowledge of building has taken McFarland Woods from a fledging young company to the successful full service firm it is today. McFarland Woods has developed strong relationships with some of the area’s best architects.  These design professionals appreciate Matt’s attention to details and his excellent communication skills with clients. Clients really appreciate Matt’s enthusiasm for their projects and his upbeat personality.


Matt’s building experience began in Wooster, Ohio, as he spent many hours as a young boy constructing forts and building bridges.  His “first love”in building was timber framing and he had the privilege to learn the trade from one of the country’s prominent framers.  Matt graduated from the Ohio State University with a degree in Construction Management.

Aside from building, Matt is an avid gardener. Matt has been known to get involved with landscaping his projects because he just can’t help himself…when you have a vision you want to see it through.

There is another builder in the family, Matt’s six year old son, Gibson.  Homeowners and subcontractors alike, get a kick out of Gibson’s vast knowledge of the building process and how helpful he can be.  Building is a real family affair for the McFarlands.  Matt’s wife, Julie, enjoys helping in the office and meeting homeowners when she is not busy with their three young children, Gibson, Lilly  and Ford.

Matt McFarland likes building in the community he calls home.  Both McFarland Woods’ office/design studio and his family’s home is in Glen Echo, Maryland.  There is a certain accountability that goes with building for your neighbors- We take pride in delivering timely and quality projects.