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Historic Church Becomes a Modern Family’s Sanctuary

Video Interview

Broadhurst Architects worked with contractor McFarland Woods to transform this 110-year-old church into a family home for the property’s new owners. The building, known as The Baptist Church Annex in the community, was once used for worship functions, but had since fallen into disrepair. Since current zoning laws prohibited building a new structure of the same size in its place–a new building could only be half the size of the original—the team opted to renovate the existing structure, which was also a popular historic feature in the small town.

In order to make the space livable, major renovations were needed. The wood frame was repaired and restored, structural insulated panels were installed over new trusses to simulate the originals, and new windows, doors, and exterior siding were added.

Dramatic changes also were made to both the upper and lower-level floor plans. On the first floor, the church hall, sanctuary, classroom, and offices were restructured to become an entry foyer, home office, kitchen, dining area, and family room. The lower level was 90_1transformed from Sunday school classrooms and a kitchen with low ceilings to an open, airy living space with plenty of natural light, four bedrooms, and a laundry room. The finished project resulted in a beautiful modern space the owner can call home, with a nod to the building’s traditional roots.

See more images of the home here.